seat cushion

Avoid back pain due to wrong sitting position

In home, you can choose the chair as per your wish and requirement. But when it comes to office or professional environment it is not easy to get the chair according to you. You need to use the chair that gets allocated and there is no other go. You can change it once or twice but not always. Due to wrong sitting position and wrong choice of chair you may get into the situation where your back suffers and you will ultimately get back pain which is not good thing.

Add cushion to the coccyx

Coccyx is the tail bone which is located at the bottom end of your spine. You may get pain in that area due to fall, tumors or due to childbirth if you are a woman. When you get pain in that area, it is very difficult to sit in a normal chair for long time without any additional cushion. There not much separate cushions coming in for that area. There are cushions available for back and bottom. But with the introduction coccyx cushion, those people who have pain in coccyx area. This is the recommended solution by the doctors.

seat cushion

It is designed as per the recommendation given by doctors across the globe. It is designed in U Shaped ergonomic way per the guidance of the orthopedic surgeons. It is versatile enough to reduce many other pains related to your back or spinal cord. Today way lots of people suffer from the back pain due one reason or others. It is designed in a way that it can be used in many places not only in the chair. Due to the small size, it can be used in cars, chairs even in plans when they fly out to long distance areas.

It can be bought easily through the website and have some discounts offered from time to time. It will be shipped to the address you specify and what more if not have given the expected results it will be replaced forever. It is not a one year warranty but life time warranty.

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