Risks of poor posture

Time and on we have heard of the importance of maintaining good posture at both the office and at home. A human being’s posture is vital because it is his spine that keeps him going straight. In a highly computerized world, almost every office job requires prolonged hours of sitting before the computer screen. It is very important for us to know the risks we run if we neglect proper posture.

Poor posture poses many risk factors for your back and spine and health in general. Let’s take a look at some

1- Poor blood circulation
As a result of slowed down body process, lungs do not function properly. For the proper functioning of lungs, the diaphragm and rib cage need to be able to expand properly. Poor posture prevents expansion and hence results in restricted blood and oxygen flow in the body.

2- Ache

Sitting in poor posture for long periods of time can result in various types of aches. The areas most commonly affected are wrists, joints, shoulders, neck, and back. Over time it can result to misalignment in the spine and chronic pain. Getting proper support for the back using ergonomic chairs is a solution. Chairs like Herman Miller Embody Chair, and steelcase vs aeron Gesture Chair can provide the desired support.

3- Headache and Fatigue
Headache and fatigue is a common symptom of office workers. They are unaware that poor body posture could be the cause of this. The tension that builds up due to poor posture within the back and shoulders shoots up to the brain causing headaches and fatigue.

4- Decreased energy level
Poor posture such as slouching and restricted movement slow down the internal processes of the body causing a decrease in energy level. This is the reason you feel irritated and tired after work.

In order to overcome these problems, you can take effective steps to improve your posture at work. Buy an ergonomic chair. Herman Miller’s Aeron and Embody are great fixes. You can also perform yoga and exercises to fortify your core. Also, make sure to mobilize yourself at regular intervals at work.

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