Safety of the family is the responsibility of everyone.  It is the highest responsibility rather than a liability.  Responsibility even at the darkest hours when one’s family is under attack.  The physical strength could vary depending on the attack and attackers.  Not all are safe all times.  Anything could happen to anyone anytime.  Safety of the people shall be the highest law in many states.  That is why they have legalized stun guns and Tasers.  Being nonlethal these are the closest to guns but without the life-killing ways. Every life has a purpose and even at the deadliest moments killing should be avoided.  But when it comes to the safety of loved ones it cannot be compromised.  This is where best best stun gun comes into play.

  • Stun guns :

    Instincts of the human race have saved it for centuries. These instincts play a pivotal role in the survival of mankind.  Fear is the foundation of safety.  To overcome the fear of being attacked by strangers for monetary or other reasons stun guns come handy.  Stun guns which can be shot from short range give the much-desired safety from intruders and attackers alike.

  • NASA and stun gun :

     NASA is not only the world’ s top space research organization but also the birthplace of a stun gun.  The same importance of space research was given to the safety of people.  NASA researcher Jack Cover felt the need of safety of people and developed the first Taser public defender with gunpowder as its propellant in 1974.  The five-year-long research and care from 1969 ended with a powerful tool to live on their own with safety and security.  This peace of mind gun which is nonlethal but good enough to save a life at the most wanted second.

  • Stun gun to Smart gun:

      With the technology development every day similar to that of cell phones to smart phones stun guns have evolved to smart guns.  A smart phone is now a smart gun also.  By just pressing the smart phone against the attacker electric shock could be passed and make the attacker immobile.

     The best stun gun is now best smart guns for safety and security in a nonlethal way.

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