Symptoms, cause and the test conducted for schizophrenia

People on the late teens or in the adulthood have the higher probabilities to get affected with the schizophrenic.  From the research results of the experts, it is found that men are affected on higher range than women. When it comes to cure, there is nothing to be found yet; however you can treat them through the proper medication. But not all the people properly follow the medication which will bring no end to the schizophrenic. Patient must follow the proper medication without any changes. This defect affects the patient and their loved one around them. Getting the proper treatment is something mandatory.

Symptoms of schizophrenia:

People who are affected by the schizophrenia will show up the following on their behavior. Those people isolate from the others, disorganized behavior, aggression over unnecessary things, agitation, hostility, they harm themselves or lack of restraint etc. Speech disorders, anger, hallucination, anxiety, frustration, hearing voice, depression, fear, incoherent speech and there are many things that people experience while affected with the schizophrenia.

Causes of schizophrenia:

Things that cause the schizophrenia is not fully found by the researchers but the brain chemistry, environmental conditions in which the patient has brought up, genetics are the major things that are found out. The following factors will increase the possibility of the schizophrenia among the people. They are

  1. With the history of schizophrenia in the blood line
  2. Older age father
  3. Complications in the time of pregnancy and the birth delivery
  4. Malnutrition on the pregnancy time

Test conducted for schizophrenia:

As the brain of the schizophrenia is differ from the normal one, there are many test conducted to found the schizophrenia.  Optical illusion is one among the test conducted to find the schizophrenia. There are many blogs available on the internet which explains the illusion test for the schizophrenia. Spend time on those blogs and improve your knowledge about the schizophrenia test. Those blogs will be much helpful for you.

If someone you know has affected with the schizophrenia, give the uttermost care and support to make a positive change among them.


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