The Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance

The motor trade road risk insurance is the most common insurance policy used by most of the traders. If you have a business and you need to take the vehicle from one place to another without causing any errors on your daily running business, whether to buy the vehicle or to sell it, in order to carry out maintenance and repair work. You can definitely take up the motor trade road risk insurance. This insurance policy will help you to drive vehicle which is not your own vehicle to carry out your business. If there is any loss made to the vehicle or damage made, then these terms are not covered in this policy. This type of insurance is basically considered by the part time traders who work only through home.

Limitations of part time motor trade insuranceInsurance

This part time motor trade insurance does have some limits. The motor trade road risk insurance cover is available on third party or on comprehensive basis. To find the right motor road risk insurance has become easier now days with the help of total insurance company. The total insurance company provides you some of the best choices like Huge Introductory Discounts, Vehicle sales, Body Repairs, Mechanics, Valeters, Servicing and more with best road risk insurance specialist.

The process is very quick and easy with just a phone click away or you can even apply online so that you get connected to the right agent in right way. These experienced agents will help you to find the right cover for your insurance. The motor trader purchases the vehicle basically from the auction house or from mechanical agents who deals with selling the vehicles to the customers. The road risk insurance covers the accident situations which is the most important part.

 There are three different road risk insurance:

  • The third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive.

The road risk insurance policy is not good for the people who have huge vehicles of their own and use these vehicles for personal purposes. In case you want to buy the road risk insurance policy you need to provide some documents as a proof that specifies that you are working in the motor trade business.


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