Understanding the Term Fashion Illustration

When people hear the term Fashion illustration, their thought process is very limited and the common assumption is that it only pertains to retail or high fashion brands and nothing else. But this cannot be far from true. From sewing to editorials, animation to publication, fashion illustration has quite the history.

Below are the guidelines in fashion illustrator tutorials and its corresponding tutorials and what artists need to know to create fabulous pieces of artwork.

What does a fashion Illustrator do?

Editorial: Here illustrators mostly work for either high-end fashion publications or small publishing houses and create artwork that is about clothing and accessorizing. They are mostly fashion-centric and work for magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan. They fill up spaces in the magazines with illustrations and designs.

Books: With the latest trend of chick-lit or dystopian themed books it has been more than important to have an appealing cover for a book. The world of publishing has definitely begun to rely on fashion illustrators to contribute their artistic talents onto the covers of their books. In this context, the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” can be doubtful.

Product: When it comes products, the makeup industry heavily depends on fashion illustrators to create visually appealing content which they can project unto their packaging.

Why does a company require fashion illustrators?

Any company that includes fashion designing and fashion related products needs a fashion illustrator. It is fairly common to make use of photographs but illustrations can be more impressive. If one considers the sewing pattern illustrations, sometimes, companies use these patterns to showcase their line of products rather than have a live model. These illustrations, then, become seemingly popular and are appreciated by the target customers as well.

Even though there are numerous times that companies make use of expensive photo shoots and models to showcase the expensive products, occasionally the artwork that goes behind the concept of an outfit/ product is showcased as an ad campaign or marketing strategy. Fashion illustration is the sister term for fashion sketches and fashion flats, it does not really go deep into the technical details. Its main intent is marketing the brand, so, the key objective of the concept is to make the product look as pleasing to the eye as possible, that is, and it should make you want to desire the merchandise. It speaks to customer’s emotions and creates a fantasy-like notion. Although, if we face facts fashion photography had taken over illustration ages ago, but, that does not mean that latter is considered dead. The internet with its talented bloggers is set to fill up cyberspace with their interpretation of runway looks, magazine editorials and street style images and recreate them into whimsical and artistic creations.

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